Commuter Chronicles

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As a longtime subway, train, bus and airplane commuter, I have had some amazing experiences and met marvelous people.

Have you ever had a great conversation with a stranger on your commute or is your journey to work precious alone time by yourself?

We are launching Commuter Chronicles as an experiment aimed at sparking commuter conversations and a Vox Pop of sorts.

There will be activities such as chatty carriages, special announcements and conversation starter on trains, buses and trams across the world.

The hope is that our group will bond over weekly wine, nibbles and catch ups. You may sign up and comment below, or email

Equally, tell us if you use your journey time to do something worthwhile for yourself. Please, tell us about your experiences and we could be in touch to help share your stories.

We would love to hear from you if you've had a meaningful conversation, struck up a friendship or even found love on your commute.

My longest daily commute was 3 hours door to door... What about yours?

For some, working remotely is the future of employment. It promises to free us all from the tyranny of the daily commute, leaving us comfortably ensconced at home, or in our nearest café or co-working space.

Remote working removes geographical barriers giving companies access to a much bigger pool of talent. And it also offers an alternative to anyone that finds the office atmosphere uncomfortable or overwhelming, for whatever reason.