Daily Improvements

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More than being smart is required in this day and age and especially if you happen to work remotely, rely on a very high EQ.

Daily improvement is the strategy of making constant, incremental improvements each and every day in order to feel and achieve impressive long-term gains. While many see it as a short-term event, it is much more powerful when an entire workforce engages in daily improvement efforts and stays focused.

Managing for Daily Improvement is a mechanism in which organizations implement visual management strategies and facilitate key performance indicators at the ground level with day-to-day employee activities. This is born out of the idea that, psychologically, individuals want to do well.

We all need this one special thing https://www.fastcompany.com/90711230/why-the-the-emotional-intelligence…

  • Parents can suffer from burnout. Risk factors can include being a woman, working part-time or not at all, and having a college degree. Working parents are more at risk for parental burnout if their workplace is inflexible.
  • The signs of parental burnout are overwhelming exhaustion, emotional detachment from one’s children, loss of effectiveness and pleasure in the parental role, and a marked change in behavior towards one’s children.
  • The signs of workplace burnout: overwhelming exhaustion, loss of productivity, and lack of enjoyment at work.
  • To combat parental burnout, let go of the idea of the perfect parent and try to ask for practical help from other parents farming out carpooling when possible or from your partner (dividing household chores more equally) when possible. 
  • To combat workplace burnout, make boundaries around your personal time as much as possible, so you’re fully engaged with your children or with many other non-work activities.

Apparently, some #American parents don’t love their children enough in the #USA. https://nowheadline.com/news/no-way-to-grow-up/

So start the year 2022 by investing in yourself.  Get the tools for personal development, with discussions, book clubs, etc.