Dark Opportunists

Submitted by ub on Sat, 09/26/2020 - 09:49

THINK ABOUT THIS BEFORE VOTING  - How many conservative individuals claim to believe in law and order do what he has done his entire life? The thousands of lies, the allegations of rape, tax fraud,  working with Mafiosimoney launderers, and assorted lowlifes. Whose chosen advisers and campaign managers, have been arrested on or convicted of federal crimes including tax fraud, perjury, threatening witnesses, as the list grows on and on...etc?

Opportunists are scam artists who continually take advantage of circumstances without regard for principles or the consequences for others. Clearly, intelligent folks realize when they’re played and taken advantage of.

Their actions are expedient and guided primarily by self-interested motives. The term can be applied to individual humans, their styles, behaviors, and group trends.

Is the Grand Old Party growing more desperate to push the ridiculous lies that there’s some kind of massive mail-in vote conspiracy against them? They keep on trying to get Americans to believe this crap, and no one outside their shrinking base seems to be falling for it. Is this party now desperate, having followed their leader through thick and thin and finally they fear the fine mess they're in?

Republican robocalls, e-mails, and social media expose the way of how the GOP hopes to corrupt the November Election.

This week, we have seen messages from just about every Republican you can possibly imagine. From Newt, and Dan to Donald Jr, and the big fat liar. Messages from Crenshaw…Steve Scalise emailed…Elise Stefanik emailed…Donald Trump Jr. emailed…Eric Trump emailed ...etc.

Also intercepted GOP robocalls may expose how Trump and Pence hope to steal the election. They claim Liberals started deploying $400 MILLION worth of vicious and misleading ads against the President’s America First agenda.

Stay focused on their failed term and the damage they have caused on the USA and Americans over 200,000 deaths so far and the pandemic continues without a real plan from real failures.

Their recent blast email says - Our Nation needs you. I am facing unprecedented challenges from the Fake News media and their Democrat Partners. They are coming after me more viciously than EVER before. It's NEVER going to stop, which is why I'm counting on YOUR support during this critical time. 

There are 38 days remaining before Election Day, and since early voting and mail-in voting has already begun in many states. Has anyone you know you had trouble voting? Content #CityImages admin@cimages.me