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With all the reports about flushing and now burning files at The White House, we began to probe the evolution of the eraser to delete.

As Trump’s term which includes impeachments and a loss at the polls drew to a close, the USA faced an increasing risk that historically valuable records of his presidency were destroyed or lost in violation of records laws, according to a new lawsuit filed by the National Security Archive, the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, the American Historical Association, and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. By adopting a policy that allows White House personnel to capture and preserve only portions of electronic messages they send or receive on unofficial messaging accounts, the White House is permitting the loss and destruction of Presidential record material. 

Here are some helpful digital tricks and hints for going off the GRID.

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ERASER- How To Securely Delete Files / Unused Space

ERASER- DISKDIGGER- ATTENTION: If eraser won't work for you- start a program as an administrator. 1. Right-click on eraser 2. run as administrator