Destroying America?

Submitted by ub on Tue, 08/17/2021 - 10:55

An interesting connection between a very active Miami, Florida Lobbyist and Trump's white supremacy and insurrectionist movement.

It is not so obvious that it is apparent, but one has to play the game of "connect the dots" to realize that what is may not be what it is, but rather, something else! I then came across a recent post by Luis Andre Gazitua So I decided to actually go to his website and see what he's all about, so I checked

Funny, reading the BIO on his firm's website, I noticed that he seems to espouse conservative Republican principles, but then the BIO seems to brag about his active participation and active support of Maverick PAC (MavPAC). touted as "the most active conservative political organization that engages next-generation leadership in the national political process"

Funny thing about what we say and write (Matthew 12:36,37).  I just had to check out what Maverick PAC was all about so I decided to go to their website and clicked on the TAB for CANDIDATES, to see what candidates they support.  To my surprise, rather than finding up-and-coming truly conservative Republicans, I start to read the names of some very familiar CLOSET INSURRECTIONISTS, like Lindsay Graham, Kelly Loeffler, David Perdue, Kat Cammack (Florida's 3rd Congressional District - Ocala area),  You can see the full list at

If I was independently wealthy and had money to burn, I would dedicate more time to exposing lobbying firms like Gazitua Letelier, and thus why I am writing this.  I think an in-depth expose of the influence that lobbyists and lobbying firms like Gazitua Letelier have on local, state, and federal elections should be brought to light.  Maybe this is a story that can be pitched to Common Cause, the national Democratic Party, or even within The White House and Biden-Harris teams because it is not easy to SEE the BIG PICTURE when you are just looking at local lobbying firms which are a dime a dozen unless one digs deep to find the "CONNECTIONS" that are problematic and a threat to democracy in America as we know it.  

I will be one of the first to say it.  America used to be the Constitutional Republic, where the Constitution reigned supreme as the guidebook that kept America free.  Unfortunately, that is no longer true because 21st Century politicians have rigged the Senate rules so: US Supreme Court can be stacked and loaded up with ideological loyalist members whose rulings are infused and motivated by politics rather than reason and sound judgment; legislation is blocked at every turn; cooperation and compromise are shunned and punished; where patriotism is no longer about loving America and its people, but rather about creating a government of absolute authoritarian power by combining the forces of the executive, legislative and judiciary, and breaking down the past constitutional barriers of the separation of powers; and, where GOD, FAITH and RIGHT & WRONG are irrelevant to achieving a political objective.

By: Gabriel