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Dramedy is a morpheme of both drama and comedy and it is growing in The US Senate with the actions of Congressional Jesters.

YES - #kyrstensinema and @JoeManchinWV have some good ideas on voting rights and one terribly bad one as well. 

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema kyrstensinema.com is currently making news for her controversial support for the filibuster in the Senate. The first openly bisexual member of Congress has a long history of defying the norm, growing up homeless after her parents divorced. 

Joe Manchin may be a Democrat and a stranger in his strange land of West Virginia conservative Republican politics.


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Notable examples of tragicomedy by William Shakespeare are The Merchant of Venice (1596–97), The Winter's Tale (1610–11), and The Tempest (1611–12). ... Examples of this modern type of tragicomedy are Samuel Beckett's Endgame (1958) and Harold Pinter's The Dumb-Waiter (1960).

The best thing Democrats can do is remind the public that voting rights proposals are anything but radical. They're coming from conservatives, who manage to recognize that this is the least Congress can do.