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Everyone loves BJs but not if they run out of eggs. We were on an egg hunt and looked all over the place but scrambled.

CityImages does not know if the entire east coast or the #USA has run low on eggs, but we are issuing this serious shell game warning.

We’re not Yolking. As supermarket journeys continue to be increasingly expensive thanks to the great problem among many others, some folks have taken to hoarding yolks and egg smuggling.

During last year's quarter, US Customs says it experienced “a 108% increase in the number of eggs and poultry products seized at US ports of entry. Maybe someone should do something about the absurd cost of a carton.

As egg prices soar, so do attempts to bring them across the US-Mexico border: US officials 


Egg prices rose 60% in 2022. One farm group claims it’s a ‘collusive scheme’ by suppliers

  • Egg prices jumped 60% in 2022, according to the consumer price index, an inflation measure.
  • One farm group claims major egg suppliers have engaged in a “collusive scheme” to gouge and fix prices to boost profits and called on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate.
  • Egg producers and food economists suggest a deadly outbreak of bird flu has compounded into a significant supply problem, at a time of peak demand and higher costs for feed and transportation.


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