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The walls are closing in on the entire Trump clan and it now shows. Papa Donald is panicking and will soon become unhinged.

The Donald has spent most of his 76 years inflating his wealth, boasting about his fake achievements and exaggerated abilities, but New York State’s civil lawsuit, which is over 280 pages long, is the first time his carnivalesque business practices have exposed him to existential legal consequences. 

New York State civil charges does not diminish the allegations that Trump, three of his children, the Trump Organization and others engaged in many years of financial fraud.

New York AG's full lawsuit alleging Donald Trump and his children committed business fraud. Referring to Trump’s ghost-written book The Art of The Deal, NY Attorney General Called the scam the art of the steal.…

#MAGARepublicans’ worst day #GOP obliterated all over the #USA

But there are more problems for Trump to worry about. There is the DOJ probe. A US Appeals court sides with Justice Department in the Mar-a-Lago case, allowing part of the investigation to move forward without limits. This marks the first time the court demands that Trump’s lawyers back up his outrageous claims and multiple lies. Then there is the January six hearings, and last but not least the Georgia criminal investigation, and also slew of individual civil lawsuits.

Does he really think his authority supersedes all existing laws and regulations, ordinances statutes, or morals and he may not be held liable in any way for damages actual or imagined to property, livelihood, or reputation and may do anything he wishes because he is more powerful than Al Mighty?

As we welcome Autumn, guess who is about to fall? What’s next? Russian room service? Sing-Sing Tower accommodations? A loft at Leavenworth? Or perhaps one of The Georgia Department of Corrections' 34 state prisons across the state, which house nearly 47,000 felony offenders?