Fixing American Democracy

Submitted by ub on Tue, 07/23/2019 - 23:13

Former US Justice Department Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s highly anticipated Capitol Hill testimony discusses his findings into #Russia and the election interference to help #Trump and potential obstruction of justice by POTUS.

The lies and coverup, the negative propaganda and the increasing amount deception on the part of POTUS, his Attorney General and members of The GOP may all soon be repaired as democracy goes under the sunshine first this this morning.

The question is wether Robert Mueller and his assistant tells all they know, or will they stick to the published report and testify by the book? They could move out of their comfort zone to tell the whole truth and everything they know, warts and all.

The facts indicate the Russians helped Trump and Republicans, who do not follow any rules and will play dirty to get their way, so the conspiracy could continue unless investigators make people understand that insufficient evidence does not deny corruption.

The testimony may either free the release of information concerning obstruction, collusion or turn into a dangerous game of Russian Roulette.

Let us see if Robert Mueller explains the lying and all the obstruction of justice on the part of The White House and The Republicans. Then US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will gather together The Democratic in conference announcing a formal impeachment inquiry so The House passes a resolution authorizing such.

Republican Bob Mueller served #USA in the military and was awarded a Bronze Star, a Purple Heart, a Navy Commendation Medal and a true American patriot. The GOP is now serving Trump, who dodged the draft and was awarded multiple bankruptcies?