Donald Dope Becomes Daffy Doofus

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The pressure is on for the GOP because they bet on the worst possibility and placed their trust in the egomaniac.  Now that their part is deteriorating fast, Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell admits he could lose control, Lindsey Graham desperately feels the same heat, and Senator Ted Cruz, who is not up for re-election has nevertheless read the writing on the wall sounded the alarm, saying the election will be a “Bloodbath” for Republicans.

He was once the main attraction but now he’s a distraction who is quickly destroying The Grand Old Party. Instead of his non-existent record of accomplishments, other than what he was told to do by his handlers, Trump is sticking to his main political strategy of playing golf, watching Fox news, and Attacking Joe Biden.

The outcome may turn out to be that the joke is on anyone who voted for this loser who does not care about us or We The People.Trump says Biden will listen to scientists... Politics will be boring without him... He’ll leave the country if he loses 😳 WoW.

Although Daffy has one of the greatest lines ever “Down down down! Go go go! It's mine mine mine!"  Donald was the first of the two Americans saw, from when I can actually remember, that is. Donald seems to stick longer, but not for long.

Donald has evolved into the darkest of all POTUS in the short history of this Democratic Republic. Fourteen days, until we vote him out of town, folks.

Self Control?

This episode shows the essence of Donald’s anger. Even as he is trying to implement a new self-control program, he continually gets more and more fed up as the animals around his hammock are disturbing him. Donald even runs back to his house to grab a shotgun from his house so he can shoot a woodpecker that is bothering him. The episode ultimately shows that there is no program or method that can stop  
Donald's outbursts, it's just who he is.

Pain, No Gain

In this video, we can see a great example of Daffy's mean tendencies.  Daffy is put on a blank screen with no audio at first. He tries to get the show going the way he wants but whoever he is talking to won't cooperate. He complains how there is nothing on the screen, then he gets painted a different color, and eventually, the screen falls on him. Daffy erupts with anger which can best be seen in a still-shot at  5:05. Nothing goes Daffy's way and he definitely doesn't take it well.

Crazy Moments

Here in this video, we can see a lot of vintage, mean Donald. It starts off by highlighting the time he completely bashed Rosie
O'Donald calling her a "truck driver" and a "loser". Next, we see him shaving the head of WWE Executive Vince McMahon during a show. He is also shown trying to build a golf course in Scotland. Trump says that he's going to have to get rid of one of the houses near the property and that he doesn't care. These are all example of Trump's mean and  
arrogant ways.


Finally, let's listen to an eight-year-old All-American boy to analyze the fat lazy and old myth in a simple phrase. Trump keeps tailing in a string of national and state polls.