From The White House To A Big House?

Submitted by ub on Sun, 09/27/2020 - 10:10

Did you hear the one about the corrupt American gangster, who called himself a smart businessman but attained notoriety as a cheat and a liar? His several years' reigns ended when he went to prison for tax fraud because after all is said and done, the key is to follow the money. Financial records show a history of tax avoidance which was eventually going to catch up with him sooner or later. American voters realize the emperor is naked, and his personal assets are really not impressive.

His debt is a growing national security emergency as he appears o be a compromised asset of Russia, owing hundreds of millions and could also be working for multiple foreign powers as well including Saudi Arabia just to prevent his family's personal financial ruin. He should either #ResignNow or #LockHimUp.

Does anyone know whose weak little fingers could ultimately be wrapped around those big powerful bars in the big house? Will history be made as his next step is a long term stop in Sing Sing or another NY state facility? A corrupt family reportedly applied for bank financing for buildings with information that's *different* than what's on those tax returns... Hope they have a family sweet, because they may all be going up the river.

Or will he Wind up in Russia as more and more Americans chant #VoteHimOut and news stories are produced about hard-working and real tax-paying Americans yelling #LockHimUp for the list of alleged crimes he allegedly committed through the years? Registered American voters are no longer falling for his BS lines of hate and fear. Do you remember when he was briefed on Russia putting bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan and did nothing about it after many calls with Putin?

After he leaves office, his corrupt family will have had access to national security secrets. Grifters could sell that to the highest bidders. This could be why some Republicans are flipping their support for Democrats as an Election Day countdown approaches in American politics. Their lying and the bullying have finally fallen out of vogue while the time for truth and justice has returned.

When Americans make the right choices everything will work out just fine. This is once again The USA's time to shine and bring back integrity to a young and growing nation of immigrants.

He was never liked by s majority of the registered voters who cast a ballot in 2016, and things have grown worse for him since. This is the man who allowed more than 206,000 Americans to die saying the pandemic would miraculously disappear.

Who keeps getting loudly jeered, booed, and subjected to chants of “lock him up” and “Vote him out!” In public? Whenever true American patriots chant the words Vote him out, it speaks volumes about yet another job he has failed at.

Don’s con is a hoax. His deals and books, TV Apprentice was all fake and made up. He has been running businesses into the ground., which is what he’s going to do here if #WeThePeople allow it.