GOP Fears Voter Backlash

Submitted by ub on Sat, 08/03/2019 - 12:59

The damage is done and POTUS set the tone for Republicans by deriding and, using White House resources to undermine common sense issues including scientific data and avoiding even uttering the phrase.

By the time of elections next year, there are multiple issues high on a list of urgent concerns that the Republicans must deal with. Why is it that so far this year, more than 522 people have died during mass shootings and over 2,040 have been injured? WHY?

Trump kissing up to Communists

Trump attacks on people of color

Trump separating families

Trump taking away healthcare

Republicans giving tax-cuts to the rich

Republicans not controlling assault weapons

Trump's denial of Climate Change

Trump canceling longstanding treaties

Trump hurting Americans with tariffs

Trump attacking NATO and allies

POTUS led the Republican Party far down the road of denying the scientific consensus of human-caused climate change, and that has caught the attention of Republican strategists.

Why is ...
He lazy?
He cruel?
He’s unfit.?
He immoral?
He amoral.?
He hateful?
He abusive?
He racist?
He malignant?
He narcissistic?
He a terrible being?

The mail bomber was a Trump supporter.
The Synagogue shooter also
The Coast guard white supremacist also
The El Paso shooting also