GOP Victory

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The new and improved winning Republican formula appears to be staying far away from a twice impeached one-term lame-duck liar.

For example, in the Virginia campaign and statewide race for Governor, Glenn Youngkin won while keeping away from liars and toxic Donald. Will other Republicans get the message and do the same thing?

During his time in our White House, the USA president rampaged across the globe, leaving behind a trail of random destruction, division, and conflict in his wake. His confrontational manner, and Russian-directed agenda, seriously undermined transatlantic relations and US global leadership. 

The former guy jumped headfirst into the race in the last few days without being invited, head-faking a possible rally that he never held and hosting a video rally that lasted minutes. He issued statements touting the importance of his base and his total endorsement of Republican Glenn Youngkin, the now governor-elect who kept the orange one at arm’s length even as Democrat Terry McAuliffe constantly framed him as a “Trumpkin.” 

The real POTUS Joe Biden who was elected by an overwhelming number of American voters in spite of Russia promised to set this right, but it is not easy.