Great Birthday Gifts

I got wonderful gifts for my birthday, including a modern air purifier from my dear daughters.

The surprises included texts that I read as well as cards, emails and voice mails I heard. However since I no loger visit that platform which has recently lost face, I apologize to all those freinds who may have sent greetings, but did not take the time required to read my parting messages of Adios Amigos, ands Hasta La Vista!

Anyhow, since I was a young boy at the dawn of time, rumors have been circulating around the proverbial rumor mill. I don’t even remember when the first #IWatch rumors began, but since then, they’ve been around. So why does the internet continue to go crazy about a smartwatch? This is Apple's highest-end smartwatch to date.

It reminds me of #DickTracy Anyway, I received many fantastic presents. Among them was the new and improved  #IWatch. Smartwatches are not an integral part of our lives, like the #IPhone. Not everyone needs a smartwatch. They're are extremely difficult to develop. Yirong got me the best ones on the market the Apple Watch  - Interestingly enough, 20 years ago today, @Apple CEO #SteveJobs announced the #iPod portable media player.

Then Nancy and Yvette family friends and founding members of RETUMBA the all female Aphrodite Latin music group that recorded the soundtrack for “Sex in the City’. They gave me a Tumbadora, aka The Conga drum, a tall, narrow, single-headed drum from my beautiful Cuba Linda. 

When I found myself alone in a happy zone I began to develop a nice big conga beat when all of a sudden the Smartwatch asked me if I had fallen and needed an ambulance? So I immediately stopped playing. I put the watch down and continued along my Cuban routes of rhythm.