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According to Midas Touch, “In a post fired off at 11:08 pm EST on Tuesday, Donald Trump wrote that his team is searching.

Quote “interviewing various law firms” to represent him in his appeal of the crushing $83.3 million defamation verdict issued by a jury in the E. Jean Carroll trial.”

This sums it up from the $83.3 million verdict to Habbas’ demand letter to Judge Kaplan, to Carroll's attorney Kaplan saying I got this, and Habba saying never mind, to this.

Are there any liars willing to work and perhaps not get paid to protect the Fred Flintstone of American politics?

Next week, Supreme Court Justices will hear arguments on whether the Colorado Supreme Court decision upholding the barring of Trump from the ballot will be upheld. A group of respected historians has submitted an amicus brief in support of the Colorado decision. Will SCOTUS ensure that America remains a democracy and bar Trump for his insurrection or will the Jurists punt and rule in a way that will lead to the end of America?

Meanwhile, back at the funny farm… NY State Judge Arthur Engoron is soon expected to issue his ruling on how much money former President Donald Trump and his co-defendants owe for alleged fraud as well as whether Trump can still do business in the state of New York.

Engoron has already ruled that Trump engaged in fraud and said he aiming to issue a decision on Trump's business empire by today. The trial goes to the heart of Trump's image as a successful billionaire and includes accusations of fraud regarding his Trump Tower apartment, Mar-a-Lago estate, and several golf courses, among other assets.

The civil lawsuit from New York Attorney General Letitia James is seeking $370 million from Trump and the other defendants in ill-gotten gains. Engoron's ruling will also address six additional claims including conspiracy and falsifying business records.

A verdict in Trump's NY fraud trial won't come until February, a source told Business Insider. Judge Arthur Engoron initially said he'd try to get it done by the end of January. February starts tomorrow. The judge previously issued a crippling summary judgement against the Trump Organization… Stay tuned!