Happy MoM Day

Submitted by ub on Sun, 05/10/2020 - 04:03

Happy Mom Day to my wife, to the mother of my children, to my daughters who are marvelous moms, to mi mama Margarita, and Grandmas.

Mother knows best. She is a superhero with extra strengths and undying love. Health and happiness lie at the feet of our mothers. Let us be reminded of how they became the pillar of support in our victories and especially during our unfortunate downfalls.

I recall the advice my mother and grandmothers would share with me and if it not to save face, I will post them on cyberspace.

Mami, Aby, Nana, MiMi, Abuelita no matter her nickname, Moms and Grandmas deserve a shout-out on Mother's Day

Lets celebrate our real heroes everywhere for their love and care they share. #Happymothersday to all mothers out there.

Give the matriarch of a family her due by letting her know how much she is appreciated for all she does and her advice.


1. Make sure you always have your own money.

2. Don’t take a bath when there’s a thunderstorm.

3. Always wear clean underwear.

4. Don’t eat yellow snow.

5. Never ride a motorcycle.

6. Mind your manners. And always walk with your head held high.

7. People are all the same; they just have different faces.

8. Be kind and love your siblings. After your father and I are gone, you will need each other! 

9. Show me who your friends are and that is who you really are.

10. Marry the richest person you can stand. 

11. This problem troubling you shall pass.

12. Soap is cheap, so there’s no excuse for being dirty.

13. Money may not buy happiness, but it can sure make life easier and less stressful.

14. Be a credit to your family and community.

15. Always put on some clean clothes. It will make you feel good.

16. No matter who enters your life, never lose sight of who you are.

17. Never miss an opportunity to learn a new skill.

18. Always pick your own battles.

19. Anything worth having is worth working for.

20. Do your duty even if there’s no reward for it.

21. It’s not the government’s responsibility to provide for you. It will only take from you.

22. Good manners are extremely important 

23. Think good and positive thoughts.

24. Look in the mirror and see if you see a friend there. If you don’t, take a longer look and get the friend back. 

25. Drink lots of water and don’t eat fried foods.

26. Most people will judge you by your etiquette.

27. No one can take away your training and education.

28. Knowledge and wisdom are forever.

29 Treat everyone the same way you wish to be treated.

30. Everyone should have a Latin lover, once in their life.


1. Asegúrate de tener siempre tu propio dinero.

2. No se bañe cuando haya una tormenta eléctrica.

3. Siempre use ropa interior limpia.

4. No comas nieve amarilla.

5. Nunca conduzca una motocicleta.

6. Cuida tus modales. Y siempre camina con la cabeza bien alta.

7. Los hombres son todos iguales; solo tienen caras diferentes.

8. Sé amable y ama a tus hermanas. ¡Después de que tu padre y yo nos hayamos ido!

9. Muéstrame quiénes son tus amigos y quién eres tú.

10. Cásate con la persona más rica que puedas soportar.

11. Este problema que te preocupa pasará.

12. El jabón es barato. No hay excusa para estar sucio.

13. El dinero puede no comprar la felicidad, pero puede hacer la vida más fácil.

14. Sea un crédito para su familia y comunidad.

15. Siempre ponte ropa limpia. Te hará sentir bien.

16. No importa quién entre en tu vida, nunca pierdas de vista quién eres.

17. Nunca pierdas la oportunidad de aprender una nueva habilidad.

18. Elige siempre tus propias batallas.

19. Cualquier cosa que valga la pena tener vale la pena trabajar.

20. Cumple con tu deber incluso si no hay recompensa por ello.

21. No es responsabilidad del gobierno proveerle, solo te quitará.

22. Los buenos modales son extremadamente importantes

23. Piensa en buenos pensamientos positivos.

24. Mírate en el espejo si ves a un amigo allí. Si no ptro vistazo más largo y recupere al amigo.

25. Beba mucha agua y no coma alimentos fritos.

26. La mayoría de la gente te juzgará por tu etiqueta.

27. Nadie puede quitarte tu entrenamiento y educación.

28. El conocimiento y la sabiduría son para siempre.

29 Trata a todos de la misma manera que deseas ser tratado.

30. Todos deberíamos de tener un amante Latino, una vez en la vida.