Hard at Work

Submitted by ub on Sun, 09/02/2018 - 08:27

As the nation celebrates this national holiday weekend we call Labor Day, we look at who and what is working or not much.

This is a public holiday as well as a day of festivities held in honor of working people. While it is celebrated in the USA and Canada on the first Monday in September, in many other countries around the world, it is celebrated on May 1.

More from TED Why do Americans and Canadians celebrate Labor Day? -Kenneth C. Davis https://youtu.be/YqmPE2HtkyU

On Labor Day, North Americans honor the workforce and the end of summer. However, while most enjoy a day off, millions must continue to work to keep our utilities going, the public safety and its economy running. These workers, while being saluted, do not get to celebrate themselves.

Finally, here are a few more for you to consider too. Between overworked school teachers, and academic stress, our students aren't getting the support they need. Let us all consider the most under-rated labor all mothers on earth endure. Also, the world has failed to help the elderly and must step up to fix this growing injustice, and last but not least is gender inequality, which has far to go in the workplace. The share of women in senior management jobs all around the world rose by just one paltry percentage point in the decade to 2017, from 24 percent to 25, according to the new Global Institute for Women’s Leadership.

Let’s get back to work, we have much more to labor for.