Head For The Border

Submitted by ub on Thu, 08/26/2021 - 03:54

Head for the border says the Guardian in its front page headline - as the mad scramble to escape Afghanistan intensifies. 

The British press is publishing newspaper reports that a suggestion by the defense secretary came as the UK made last-ditch efforts to airlift hundreds of remaining interpreters as well as others who have supported the UK. 

Remarks by Ben Wallace also form the lead in the Times. Not everyone trying to flee is going to get out, he admits. 

The Independent covers an open letter signed by more than 150 Afghan and international citizens calling for western powers to "rescue now" and "process" people later. It says the insistence on documentation is like asking people on the Titanic to show papers before they board lifeboats.

Adding misery to mayhem, the American military and many of its allies are warning Afghans who are hoping to be evacuated in the final days of the failed USA led 20-year mission in Afghanistan to stay away from the Kabul airport because of an imminent threat of a terror attack from an Islamic State affiliate.

The American Embassy warned people to stay away from the Kabul airport and told everyone outside the perimeter to “leave immediately,” citing new security threats. Allied government officials have issued similar warnings.