Holiday Traditions

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There are some holiday traditions that most know about and others that are not as well known, according to my research.

For example, Jewish folks like Chinese takeout for Christmas, and the Japanese prefer Kentucky Fried Chicken. This is according to one of these ladies who is a Japanese Jew by marriage and she confirmed this practice with me.

Chinese food became a traditional go-to within non-Christian immigrant communities. The tradition seems to have originated in New York City as far back as the late 1800s. Immigrants from cultures that don't typically celebrate Christmas found they had time off to spend with family, but no traditions of their own.

It turns out that in Japan, it is customary to eat chicken at Christmas, say these Japanese women. Every year, ordering the party barrel and enjoying it with family and friends.

This year, we tried Kentucky fried chicken rice and Sushi for special meals during these holidays.

And to keep the news and information local, we ordered the same exact meal from two local restaurants. Kiku Sushi in New Rochelle, NY, and  Sushi Q in The Bronx, New York.

Our unscientific survey gave Sushi Q a 10 and Kiku Sushi a lower rating of 6. We considered taste, presentation servings, and price.

I addition and from online social media comments...

Out of 16 ratings, Kiku got 4.1 stars

Out of 287 ratings Sushi Q got 4.5 stars