Idiots or Innocents?

Submitted by Admin on Sun, 01/01/2017 - 14:14

These terms may apply to an individual, a small or large group of people. I personally watched this unravel with the latter. Today is Sunday, Jan. 1, the first day of 2017 with what could turn out to be 364 global crazed days to follow.

He was a rebel leader who led a successful revolt against the establishment was ready to exercise a triumphal victory with his forces as he prepared to move into the capital.

The nation watched this man who wore rosary beads around his neck, and a white dove on his shoulder. He lied when he claimed he alone could fix our problems, proclaimed that he knew more than all the experts, promised us the world and delivered nothing but tyranny by attacking his enemies. This was my nightmare also known as Fidel Castro's revolution. He destroyed the free press, abolished freedoms and embraced Russia. There are so many other instances to point towards. But it suffices to say that history has been known to repeat itself.

But many years before the Versailles Treaty was analyzed by a British representative, who ridiculed Woodrow Wilson and the part he played. Wilson proved to be an utter simpleton, whose innocence was twisted and he was manipulated by the other's little fingers.