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Submitted by ub on Sat, 02/06/2021 - 04:36

Hello, hola, ni hao - We are expanding #CityImages so as to allow our thousands of daily readers to contribute by publishing their own news analysis, or feature stories - It’ll be curated. to help create the next crop of great information pundits, and we want to give everyone an opportunity. If you’re interested, keep reading to make sure this is the right fit for you, and then contact 

As #Cimages or #CityImages celebrates 9 years and 9 months of publishing our slick direct-to-consumer Blog is driving hypergrowth and keeps growing and now over 60K readers...

– We’re looking for your analysis of current affairs.  We don’t necessarily want news aggregation. Don’t just regurgitate what’s being reported. Give us your opinion. We’re looking for specific events in the current news cycle. We’re also searching for generic opinion pieces that read like letters to the editor. For story ideas, feel free to browse through

– If you’re building your analysis around a development that’s being reported by a specific news outlet, cite your source and include links. If you’re building your analysis around something that’s being reported on cable news, cite the name of the person who said it, and the platform or program they said it on.

– We focus on major timely topics. Your community articles should retain that focus. We would prefer to publish your article under your real name. If that’s not possible due to work or personal privacy reasons, you can publish under a nickname instead. Don’t use a fake name like that sounds real, like “Fred Johnson.” Use a nickname like “Bad Robot” or “Freddie the Foodie” that everyone can clearly understand is a nickname.

– This is an experiment and not something we pay you for now. If you become one of our top writers, according to Google Analytics, there may be an opportunity for a paid gig later down the road. It’ll all depend on the direction of this experiment.

– If you’re not sure whether what you’re writing fits these editorial parameters, look at articles and see if your story fits within that same vibe. Don’t try to mimic our style. But ask yourself if what you’re writing is compatible with the kind of thing that our readers are looking for.

If you’re still interested, go ahead and write your first article and email to KISS - Keep it short and simple don’t make any of them long. PLEASE 300 words or fewer.  Also include the name we should publish them under, any links to your social media pages that you want publicly visible, and optionally a profile picture. graphics or images.

If you need story ideas, we encourage you to browse the many links below listed in alphabetical order for your convenience.