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We are among the sick residents in NYC and along the East Coast under flood alerts as a cross-country storm brings pounding rains.

Ugly weather has blanketed us along with portions of the Northeast this week, creating scenes of water gushers in New York and much of northern New England. Seven states in the northeastern U.S. are under weather Alerts for this storm into the evening.

High humidity in our home has brought mold and bacteria growth, which in turn, compromises indoor air quality. Dampness is often how the growth of mold begins, especially if you live in an island or any humid part of the country.

Since there is a musty smell in the air, that’s a sign that moisture is trapped somewhere. Ours also have issues with too much moisture in the air, which requires adjusting humidity levels with de-humidifier systems.

Meanwhile, for most of the I-95 corridor, the storm is bringing rain and plenty of it. On City Island, our 100-year-old building at 190 Fordham Street has received multiple violations following safety inspections and finding pockets of moisture, mold, and mildew entering from outside as water seeps through the brick walls,

Rainfall totals of up to 4 inches have drenched the region across a wide area, with locally higher amounts of 5 inches or more. Throughout the day, the risk of flash flooding continues to exist for the weekend and possibly longer.

As for timing, the rain has already begun and will continue to fall heavily at times during the weekend. Health and legal professionals we have spoken with warn of the dangers of mold spreading throughout the entire building and the serious breathing and health conditions these dangerous developments will bring to the owners.

The condo sponsor is absent and does not live here. He owns buildings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and The Bronx and perpetually sits with the board of managers, which hires the do-nothing management company.

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