Let The Gains Begin

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America drops the travel ban following 600 days: Vaccinated tourists from dozens of international locations are letting freedom ring.

President Joe Biden welcomes the world back, as long as they have been vaccinated and are free of COViD the Coronavirus global pandemic. On the heels of POTUS infrastructure victory its beginning to feel a lot like a time to build back better for the USA. Ladies and gentlemen, let the gains begin.

I know this feeling first hand, as I arrived in this great nation as a little boy with nog aspirations, and aside from its slight faults, this is still the greatest nation on earth. And like myself, we are all coming to America. 

There is only one United States of America. This nation is bounded on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean lies in the west of the country. It occupies a territory of 9,522,0572 square km. The altitude and longitude for the country are 40.4230° N, 98.7372° W respectively.

Forty-eight of the states of the country are situated in a single region between Canada and Mexico. The other two are located in Alaska and the archipelago of Hawaii. It shares the main four time zones with Canada Eastern Time, Central Time, Mountain Time, and Pacific Time.

The country was first settled by the English in the 1600s. It remained a British colony until July 4, 1776. The colonies declared independence, and it was firstly stated in a document that was written by Thomas Jefferson of the Kingdom of Great Britain, and thus, the foundation of the United States of America was laid. Today, all states comprising the U.S.A, have their own constitution, legislature, judiciary, executive branch, and capital city. However, they all share sovereignty with the central federal government.