Multilingual Media Maestro

Submitted by ub on Tue, 03/02/2021 - 09:23

Roberto FE Soto is a multilingual Latino media maestro, with a successful career in global communications and in higher education. 

As so many others have, Soto arrived in the #USA as an immigrant child with his family. He did not speak English but learned from his mother and father the value of American education. Soto was a writer, editor, and producer at NBC News and went on to teach journalism at private and public colleges and universities, including an HBCU with a strong tradition of serving minority students. 

As a communicator, Professor Soto possesses the qualities which make him a perceptive scholar and effective educator.  Soto despises and repudiates violence as well as all forms of discrimination. He continually knocks down racism by consistently championing multicultural diversity and inclusion. At the university level, he performs capably and conscientiously. Soto is knowledgeable, well-informed, and personable, all of which are not only evident in the classroom, but also in his active engagement with his continued writings, professional organizations, and in his scholarship.

Although his curriculum vitae speaks for itself, some of Soto's commitments and skills merit special emphasis. He has devoted his professional life to establishing media startups and turnarounds. His credits include successful projects at NBC, Univision, Telemundo, USIA, News12, and The Associated Press. Also, his teaching assessments from peers and students were consistently very high. He certainly had a significant student following and did communicate his subjects and critical thinking about those subjects effectively to the full range of students he taught. 

In addition, Soto offers a strong record managing various operations within his field, regionally, nationally, and globally. He had an outstanding record of international management and strong multi-cultural training. In other words, he has the type of background that allows him to perform very well in a diverse environment.  In this regard, his positions as New York Bureau Chief with the Associated Press, the California State University Presidential Advisory Board, Station Manager for News 12 in New York City, Director of Station Services for Telemundo Communications Group, Division Chief for Voice of America, and his activities at a number of conferences, have been germane to his career. Soto's Awards for Excellence by the Columbia University Alfred I. Dupont and professional training at Poynter Institute also speak of a career seriously devoted to excellence.