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Those in the know will tell you so. CNN sought an excuse to cut him loose, but A sucker’s Karma was eventually going to get him.

Cable News Network and some in the news media industry were shocked when Jeff resigned due to a consensual relationship with a colleague, while others were not surprised at all.

You see, Mister Z is the one person on earth who created the fake T persona. Originally as must-see TV at NBC as a reality star who morphed into an empty suit celebrity, later at CNN as a candidate for president who was given too much publicity developing the fake news concept as he later bit the hand that fed him just as he has done over and moreover with everyone he uses, chews up and spits out.

The cable topper's resignation, just two months after he fired  Chris Cuomo, raised some eyebrows and a few more questions. Who owns CNN and who will run the network moving forward?

CNN is currently owned by WarnerMedia and therefore AT&T. But there is a merger in the works with Discovery, which will unwind its previous acquisition of Time Warner. The new Warner Bros Discovery company will own CNN and other media properties after the merger happens soon.

Jeff Zucker Defenders Aren’t Helping CNN…

By publicly objecting to Zucker's removal for failing to disclose a romantic relationship — before knowing the full story — the network's staff are emotionally standing by a beloved boss rather than abiding by journalistic values.

John Stankey and David Zaslav Address Jeff Zucker’s Resignation…

"He decided to avoid what was a clearly stated policy by his employer." The ouster of longtime CNN chief executive Jeff Zucker, who did not disclose a consensual relationship with another executive, underscores the risks of keeping such liaisons secret. CNN exec Zucker’s ouster shows peril of hiding work romance…

I know the perfect candidate who can take over and fix the breaking news network. He is my longtime media mentor and the man who was there when CNN was formed. He went on to launch news outlets here, there, and practically everywhere. I call him Doctor Ken, but most know him as TIV. He's a senior media executive, an innovator who has launched newsrooms in America as well as in other continents. His success behind the scene as the best news globetrotter I know to be able to tackle this difficult job.

Watch this VIDEO And lookout for the guy with a white beard wearing a wrinkled shirt. He’s not an empty suit. He’s a full-fledged working man in a shirt. <STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING>