No More Bullying

Submitted by ub on Thu, 05/27/2021 - 09:25

After years of bullying from a lost political party of liars and cheaters, everyone should agree the we forever reject the toxic practice.

These past years were an American disaster orchestrated by a chaotic and toxic person who habitually seeks to harm and intimidate anyone perceived as vulnerable. Stopping it is a necessary ethical building block of society.

Georg Frederic Handel reportedly held a soprano out the window by her ankles. Beethoven kept throwing wild tantrums from the piano. Arturo Toscanini was heard screaming at his musicians in the NBC Orchestra. 

These bullying displays of uninhibited rage should have stopped a long time ago and are still a serious subject of abuse these many decades later.

Although the acts have not changes, some of the terms have evolved to Caren, Bully, and the catch all abusive behavior syndrome.

Think about it for a moment and you will recognize these individuals in our lives. Family members, bosses, teachers, and the relatively new one, frenemies.

We must start by teaching our children about no bullying at school and home to help kids recognize that bullying is not cool.

Teach the kids what a bully is and to stop the bullying. Award kids that help prevent bullying or help to promote the awareness of bullying with No Bullying certificates. Kids can wear proudly No Bullying badges or Wristbands to show their support. Hang up No bullies posters around to show that No Bullying is Allowed.