Not A Secret Santa

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MacKenzie Scott has managed to share her massive wealth to such a wonderful degree that she overshadowed and made the macho tech titans look like tightwads. So if she has it and wants to flaunt it, that’s her prerogative.

She says that not only are nonprofits chronically underfunded, but they are also chronically diverted from their work by fund-raising and by burdensome reporting requirements that donors often place on them.

Jeff Bezos’ former kissing partner had already donated $1.7 billion to charity and announcing that she’s no longer using the last name of her ex-husband, Jeff Bezos she announced that she has donated another $4.2 billion to 384 separate organizations in the last four months. 

Talk about spreading the wealth, folks. The secret is out and Santa is a kind and generous woman. Do we wonder if the worlds’ richest men will take this major hint of generosity? Come on guys, won’t you step up to the plate for the holidays?

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