Not Fun and Games

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Whether the President seriously warns Putin against interference in our next election is never a private matter between Trump and Putin. This is of utmost national security imperative and critical to deterring further #Russia meddling.
This is undoubtedly and without question, the business of the American people.

POTUS shares a chuckle with a despot who kills. Journalists are not the enemy of the people - We Are The People. Those who would seek to silence the free press are tyrants.

Meantime, Russian state TV emphasizes that Trump was "jokingly asking Putin to stop interfering in the U.S. elections. They point out that Vladimir's response was laughter but that he promised nothing.

During their first meeting since Robert S Mueller reported that #Russia interfered in our democratic elections and also pointed out multiple cases of collusion by Putin and Trump, POTUS turned it into a joke.

This can not occur ever again and only We The People can stop this madness. Make sure you and all your family and friends are registered to vote. Also, reach out to federal, state and local representatives and demand that our democracy continues to thrive.

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