Offensive Defense

Submitted by ub on Mon, 07/22/2019 - 16:35
Tiny Dancer

There are numerous difficulties in filling POTUS 44 shoes when 45 has much smaller feet and a real tiny intellect. Why does he say one thing today, which is totally different from yesterday? Wake up America, this is Trump's Tiny Dance. He is incapable of doing his job and this is why he says what he says and does the opposite. He can not make a really good decision.

It has been said time and over again that the best defense is a good offense. This is an adage that has been applied to many fields of endeavor, including politics as a blood sport, mind games, and combat operations.

Our real #USA president, George Washington wrote in 1799: "…make them believe, that offensive operations, oftentimes, is the surest, if not the only (in some cases) means of defense".

We have heard many inaccuracies and outright, actually wrong statements from POTUS and the Republicans who make outrageous comments while the media spends precious time and effort fact check only to learn what #WeThePeople knew all along.

As we prepare for the 2020 election season, we studied the offensive playbooks of every major league team. We found a lot of passing, punting, and different running schemes and Plenty of the run-pass option.

The greatest teams don't allow the defense to force them into taking shots outside of their comfort zone. As we can plainly see defenders spend much more time and energy than offenders.

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