Submitted by ub on Sun, 12/18/2022 - 20:42

President Joe Biden is not about to allow the next White House campaign to turn into another Trump national clown show.

Since actions speak louder than words, POTUS Joe Biden has made a few assertions about the decrease in inflation, signing the Respect for Marriage Act which protects marriages of same-sex and interracial couples, bringing home Olympian and WNBA star Brittney Griner, lowering gas prices, new jobs... etc.

"I had some MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS the last couple of weeks, too…  Inflation’s easing  I just signed the Respect for Marriage Act  We brought Brittney Griner home  Gas prices are lower than a year ago  10,000 new high-paying jobs in Arizona "

Biden's body does not need any photoshop They photoshopped agent orange: President Biden’s social media account did some “trolling” about Trump's “big announcement.” Joe Biden might run for reelection: he isn’t simply going to be a campaign about a GOP twice impeached. loser, liar named Trump.