Preposterous POTUS

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Has he become a national security threat for stating he would accept foreign intelligence on his political opponents? Is it Democratic?

The President swears to defend the US Constitution but now appears to be welcoming foreign interference in our democratic elections. Is he announcing his scorn for his solemn oath to preserve, protect and defend The United States of America?

POTUS tells ABC News that he has no problem accepting opposition research on any political opponent from any nation regardless that is being provided to him by a foreign power country.

Shouldn't he be standing up for and defending our nation? Why call accepting information from a foreign power Opo-research?
By stating he'd take dirt from foreign governments, is he signaling Russia and China and others To interfere in 2020 elections?

Will the GOP condemn these comments? If the Republicans do not speak, they will be branded as being disloyal to America.

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