Saluting Heroes

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Something wonderful is happening in New York City. A ticker-tape parade along the canyon of heroes for our first responders.

New York City will honor “the heroes of the fight against Covid,” from healthcare professionals to bodega workers, with a ticker-tape parade.

Summertime is bringing learning opportunities, cultural experiences, and recreational activities to all New Yorkers. This is an unprecedented opportunity to pay tribute to all who labored to ensure that our city could recover from the #COVID crisis and move forward.

NYC power grid essential workers ready for the parade. Employees from New York City's electric company will join other essential workers Today in The Big Apple’s parade to honor all of them.

New York City essential workers battled COVID at the height of the pandemic in the city during the spring of 2020.

The parade serves as another sign that New York City is returning to its pre-pandemic state of affairs and encouraging people to come together again. City officials and organizers have announced plans for a summer concert in Central Park.