Sun of the Beach

Submitted by ub on Sat, 07/17/2021 - 11:45

Our number one fun in the sun preference is Orchard Beach, NY also known as The Bronx Riviera. The real reason is that it is next to our headquarters on City Island - A Slice of New York City Paradise. Don’t forget it: Orchard Beach is the gem of the Bronx! Make the most of your #SummerOfNYC and catch some rays and waves this weekend. #InTheBronx

There are so many other affordable places to visit during your next USA Staycation. The other top ones are in TX, FL, and MS

Port Arthur, TX has gone through a revitalization that has resulted in a refreshed downtown. That, plus outdoor recreation and a low cost of living are what makes it attractive. However, the reason why the cost of living is so low is because of unpredictable hurricanes, an industrial landscape, and summer weather, which can be unbearably hot and humid.

Freeport, TX has just over 12,000 residents and a median age of 27 years old. Residents love it because of the growing economy, entertainment, proximity to the beach, and cost of living. However, expenses are often kept low because it's not the prettiest of towns. In fact, it has quite a bit of sprawl for such a small city.

Fort Pierce, FL is located on the bay behind the Atlantic-facing Hutchinson Island. The town is popular because of its beach location and plenty of outdoor activities, but it lacks arts and culture and is fairly isolated when it comes to having other things to do. It also is at a high hurricane risk during hurricane season.

Daytona Beach, FL has 23 miles of wide, hard-packed sand that allows for myriad activities, from beach sports to beach driving. Water activities fill the rest of your time, from diving to paddleboard yoga. In the summer, you can even catch sea turtles crawling up onto the sand to lay their eggs. It is one of America's most beloved beach-party capitals in the country. From Spring Break to NASCAR, Daytona Beach can be a wild time. Of course, when there aren't festivals or events, the town is relatively quiet. Prices are considerably lower than Miami but compared to the rest of Florida, you'll still be paying around half a million to live on the beach.

Bay St. Louis, MS is attractive to residents and visitors because of its beautiful gulf beaches, temperate winter climate, and plenty of entertainment during the high season. However, one of the reasons it may be more affordable than other beach towns is because it’s almost too popular with tourists, lacks arts and culture, and is on the seasonal hurricane path.

Gulfport, MS is another hidden gem. It's a small town on the seasonal hurricane path, which is what keeps costs low. But the 26 miles of beaches, mild climate, palmetto groves, and wildlife-filled marshlands make this beach town a really lovely place to be.

Melbourne, FL has beautiful beaches on the barrier island across the channel. The town is home to the Florida Institute of Technology and is only 30 miles east of Orlando, which means that residents have both beach vibes as well as the conveniences of a college town and a major city.

Gulf Shores, AL may be more expensive than the rest of Alabama, but it is definitely cheaper than other beach towns in the United States. That is because, while its economy is strong and the crime rate is low, the community is fairly isolated, meaning residents have a long commute to work. The weather can also be unbearably humid in the summer, and there are limited cultural resources.

Myrtle Beach, SC is one of America's most favorite vacation getaways. Visitors come for the 60 miles of beachfront and stay for the theme parks, live entertainment, and restaurants. But the affordability comes from the fact that Myrtle Beach does have a high crime rate, which has brought home prices down. Also, the winter months tend to be very sleepy around here.