Submitted by ub on Thu, 11/24/2022 - 06:01

As 55 million Americans travel to celebrate Thanksgiving and rush past other holidays, our attention could be on this food for thought.

On this Thanksgiving Day, there is a true silver lining today. Adversity provides us with perspective. And it should help us focus on the most important things to cherish. These are our health, our family, and our friends.  The real reasons truly matter on Thanksgiving, so let go of other issues and give them a rest. 

So to be perfectly honest and to the point, we would like to ask everyone to leave space for a good conversation. This year, we the people can reflect on our surroundings and understand that in order to stay healthy, we must not ban books. We should ban magazines. The ones packing multiple rounds of ammunition being used by American mass murderers.

We've had 600 mass murders this year and for the past seven days, one every single day. ENOUGH ALREADY. Pressure Congress to STOP the madness. Happiness is a Banned Gun