The Democrats vs The GOP

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The United States of America is showing its dark and ugly visage which may be a reason for serious concern in the near future.

Some would say that over the last four years of the Grand Old Party was full of lies, empty promises, hot air, tax breaks for the one percent and The Wall.

Others point to the past four weeks saying Democrats have brought us a COVID vaccination plan, the American rescue plan, and they’re proposing a huge infrastructure package, initiative, but the U.S. will be hard-pressed to catch up to the rest of the world in capturing natural energy, Universal gun legislation, a $15 minimum wage, Dream Act, For The People” Act,  John Lewis voting rights act, ACA public option, the Equality Act, police reforms and others. What say you?

O say, can you see, by the dawn's early light? It indicates a different pattern evolving between the liberals and their conservative colleagues across the proverbial aisle of white? 

Our political polarization has two main parties representing different economies. And they barely see eye to eye. For example, Democrats live in educated cities and suburbs where professional jobs are plentiful. However, Republicans live in working-class neighborhoods and in rural communities, where agriculture and low-skill manufacturing jobs are available.

Republican regions hold a growing share of the country’s agriculture, mining, and low-skill manufacturing jobs, many of not requiring advanced education or a university degree, they have lower pay and are more exposed to competition from abroad.

Democrat districts boast the largest amount of professional jobs. That includes the west coast, And east coast technology and entertainment hubs. Nearly three-quarters of these jobs are concentrated in digital or professional industries. Please, keep the US in your thought and prayers. We're getting older, but perhaps not necessarily better.