The I Word Impeachment

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Following a thorough investigations there may be an impeachment, which is achieved after a legislative body files charges against a government official. However, it does not always result in the removal from office. It is a statement of charges, just like an indictment in criminal law.

#POTUS had another bad day in court and so did #realDonaldTrump.
Congress is following the Dollars and perhaps Rubles and it may not be long before #WeThePeople know where it’s coming from.

A second judge refuses to block US House subpoenas for #TrumpBank records.

The Speaker of The US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Democrats were huddling on possible impeachment: "We believe that the president of the United States is engaged in a cover-up. And that was the nature of the meeting."

The US House of Representatives has impeached 19 individuals, most being federal judges. Additionally, two presidents have been impeached. Presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, but the US Senate voted not to convict either one of them.

POTUS claims #TrumpRussia investigations FOUUND “no obstruction” the opposite is true;

FOUND “no collusion”—he looked only at crimes. conspiracy while finding numerous troubling contacts & deceit;

Mueller obtained 37 INDICTMENTS;

Defendants have been ORDERED TO PAY THE #USA $25M

President William Jefferson Clinton was under investigation for most of his Presidency and managed did his job:

Created 6 million new jobs in first 2 years
Lowered inflation to record lows
Lower #USA taxes
Balanced the federal budget and
Created a national surplus
Reformed welfare laws

Around and round we go where this stops, nobody really knows. Meanwhile, a politically powerful DeVos family makes it known they no longer support the first Republican member of Congress to call for impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. ‪Wealthy DeVos family won't back Michigan's Amash in primary

‪Rand Paul splits with Amash on Trump impeachment…

President Donald Trump seems to be flirting with impeachment. He isn’t certain to be impeached, but every step he’s taking to try to squirm out of as the walls continue moving in on him.

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‪House Dems must 'urinate or get off the pot' when it comes to impeaching Trump: Sen. John Kennedy

‪House Dem: Trump could start war with Iran to thwart impeachment…

‪There's a lot of talk about impeachment. Here's what you need to know.…

‪Opinion | Trump seems to be transparently mad

Are these good hashtags? #CoverUpPOTUS. #CoverUpDon #ImpeachTrump #Heisacrook #LockHimUp... Are there any others?

Did Donal J Trump really mean to say I don’t do coverups, really well? #TrumpCoverup