TV Weather Anchors

Submitted by ub on Sat, 07/18/2020 - 17:09

During the decade I worked for NBC News I wrote and produced for The Radio Network, The Source, NightlyNews, WNBC News4, Overnight, Sunrise, and TODAY.

At The Today Show, I worked with, Jane, Tom, Bryant, Willard Scott, and his weather understudy was Al Roker. They were a wonderful meteorological team who got along extremely well, considering the hour we all had to come to work. Big Al will be the first one to say that he would not be celebrating #40 years ⁦@NBCNews and @TODAYshow if it were not for his second #dad Willard Scott.

While chatting with Willard one day, I learned that he played Bozo the Clown then later Ronald MacDonald. Bozo was a huge hit with the kids back in the day, so when the show went off the air, MacDonald’s approached Scott offering to create a new clown character to serve as their mascot. Willard, who is now 86 and retired, has played Peter Poole on The Hogan Family, weekends on #AntennaTV, and Santa Clause at The White House. What's your favorite #WillardScott moment?

It's rumored that not all anchors get along, but Williard and Big Al certainly did. The real question is who will take over for Al Roker? Well, if it were up to me, I would vote for my youngest daughter. Sabrina Soto is a fantastic choice because she is not only an excellent design and lifestyle expert but my baby sassy Latina, knows how to wink at the camera while she has appeared on NBC's Today Show, and many other programs. She's also a media maven.