We Are What We Eat

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I have been food-binging for months and it surely has been a non-stop meal feast but now it is time to return to a normal diet.

The gastrointestinal celebration started on Thanksgiving, then Christmas, followed by New Year and The Epiphany, then most recently my sweetheart’s birthday, and finally the Lunar New Year.

So, after celebrating with feasts from Thankssfovong to the Lunar New Year, may all of us be filled with health, and prosperity, as well as infused with determination, drive, compassion, and last but not least, let us take it easy on our digestive systems.

I must confess to having enjoyed an expansive assortment of meals and culinary delights with calories galore and delicacies that boggles the mind as well as the stomach.

Unfortunately, I am now approaching the realization that all those foods that I consumed have considerably added up and now I am paying it forward with extra weight and serious consequences.

Then, this week, I went for my annual physical and as my doctor bluntly put it, take a break from all those calories and begin a regimen of exercise and woke up to the reality that we are what we eat.