We put Bloomberg in office, we can vote Bloomberg out of office...

Submitted by ub on

It's time for City Islanders to go after the man who has made not one, not two, but quite a few mistakes, which have effected our safety and the quality of life of our children and family members.

I am sick of Mayor Bloomberg's continuing threats and increasing belligerent attitude. There should be an ethics investigation to look into how many people he has hired who were not qualified to fill important positions and who did not have the necessary experience. Let’s also investigate every one of his decisions and appointments.

Let’s pressure bullying Bloomberg to resign, or we can begin a petition drive to recall the mayor. He hired an unqualified school superintendent, he disappeared during that severe snow storm last year, he keeps threatening to fire teachers and now wants to downsize our firehouse. How much more are you willing to take?

Let's all be good Americans and work to protect our city. His greed for money and power have to be stopped before he hurts the people of New York any further.