We Stopped The Steal

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We The People of The United States of America, and Vice President Mike Pence were able to stop Trump’s stealing our 2020 election.

The Bipartisan select committee investigating the Capitol insurrection detailed how Trump tried to pressure his vice president to join in his failed attempt to overturn the presidential election. Thanks to Mike Pence's refusal, the VP put his life at risk as rioters called for his hanging on January 6, 2021.

The congressional committee outlined how Pence was in real danger and made the case that Trump was the one to blame. The mob got about 40 feet from Pence, threatened him by name, and were enraged that he didn't overturn the election because they believed Trump's big lie to steal the 2020 election and overturn Joe Biden's victory in the Electoral College.

The US Justice Department has now issued an urgent request for the January six committee to immediately turn over all their transcripts and evidence must be complied with at once.

This unprecedented request makes clear that “others” high in the US government are already being actively investigated by #DOJ.

Donald Trump and his allies and supporters are a clear and present danger to American democracy." According to Judge J. Michael Luttig. During the latest testimony, It was visibly obvious how pained Judge Luttig was and continues to fear as he worries about the MAGA clan. He is a conservative Republican who keenly understands the ramifications of January six and is horrified by it.

Anyone who has information or evidence to assist authorities with these investigations is asked to utilize digital democracy’s powerful worldwide reach. https://january6th.house.gov/tip-line

If detached from reality Is #GOP Trump’s defense, Trump needs a great and sober #usa criminal attorney. Refusing to acknowledge the truth about his election loss, or ignorance is no excuse. A lack of knowledge doesn't allow illegal acts.

The January six select committee made its most forceful case Thursday that Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 election was more than an affront to the democratic process it was a serious crime.

this appears to be a clear criminal case against Eastman, Chesebro at the bottom Giuliani in the middle to Donald J Trump at the top of the heap.

The mob was 40 feet from Mike Pence at one point during the Capitol attack, according to the Jan. 6 panel. "Make no mistake about the fact that the vice president's life was in danger," Rep. Pete Aguilar said. For more Jan. 6 takeaways: http://apne.ws/SFou43v

Meanwhile, is it clear from the conduct of most Republicans since January six that members of the GOP would have caved into Trump’s demands and overturned the presidential election?

ON THIS DAY: In 1858, accepting the Illinois Republican Party’s nomination for the U.S. Senate, Abraham Lincoln said the slavery issue had to be resolved, declaring, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” https://abcn.ws/3tGEDIO