White Christmas

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Americans who are into this kind of thing may have their Christmas wish become a reality this time around in just a few days..

Just about everyone east of the Rockies, is going to feel the effects of it in one form or another whether it's rain, snow, wind or colder temperatures.

Those who are dreaming of a white Christmas might see their wish come true this year. That’s When a whole bunch of factors fall into place and the weather Gods allow an alignment the way some long-range computer models are projecting.


Some of the models are depicting a weather pattern taking shape that could result in very cold air pouring into the central and eastern United States next week — which could set the stage for a potential winter storm along the East Coast heading into Christmas weekend.  https://www.weather.gov/

That’s the word from national weather forecasters all of whom caution that nothing is set in stone at this time because long-range snow forecasts are very tough to predict with a high degree of accuracy.


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