Worst USA Airports

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Many Americans trying to travel more frequently in 2023, with it being one of the top New Year's resolutions this and every year.

However, there is a catch. Air travel can be a stressful experience, especially when flight delays and cancellations occur. Truth be told, I have traveled enough to say I hate the hassle each and every day. I do not like it for 15 hours or a couple of hours for that matter.  

According to The Bureau of Transportations Statistics, there were 1,042,056 delayed flights in the US in 2022, but which airport had the most?  

Travel experts at Family Destinations Guide have used data from the Bureau of Transportations Statistics to reveal the best and worst airports for travel in the US in 2022 by comparing the number of delays in every airport in the USA.   


Air travel across the US thrown into chaos after a computer outage https://apnews.com/article/flight-delays-us-faa-updates-5805d15f520de8e…

US Flights Latest: Departures Resume After FAA Lifts Ground Stop

  • FAA had paused takeoffs due to an outage of a key flight system

  • Carriers say delays, and cancellations likely despite a resumption