Woman’s Work

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Why is it that a woman’s work is never done is and has long been a truthful and common phrase used for many generations?

An old adage says "a woman's work is never done." The phrase is just as true, if not more so, today as it was over 300 years ago when the phrase first came.

Woman Work by Maya Angelou

‘Woman Work’ by Maya Angelou is a poem that celebrates women’s strength. It uses natural imagery to speak on this topic and various others. 

The poet was famous during her lifetime for works that could represent her own identity with power and distinction, and ‘Woman Work’ is surely one of the best examples of the style. Whether or not the “Woman” is meant to be an aspect of Angelou herself is unclear, but the complexity of emotion used to build up the poem makes it a very clearly very personal work for the late author, one that is an excellent example of her powerful style and insightful prose as well.

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