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Please take a close look at the following list of Putin puppets. They are 112 House Republicans who voted against the bill:

The US House of Representatives passed a more than $60 billion bill to provide military and economic aid to Ukraine.

When the GOP is unable to bring its Congressional agenda to the floor at the US House of Representatives for a vote it’s a cult..
A solid majority of Republicans led by the the top GOP fraud and sellout voted against the bill, which passed by a 311-112 margin. 101 Republicans voted for it, and one Republican, Rep. Dan Meuser of Pennsylvania, voted "present."

The new infusion of aid comes at a make-or-break moment for Ukraine, which has faced ammo shortages and insufficient air defenses.

This action paints a vivid picture of the geopolitical dynamics surrounding the Russo-Ukraine conflict and the recent decision by the US House of Representatives to approve a significant aid package to Ukraine. Comparing this moment to Churchill's reaction to Hitler's declaration of war on the USA in 1941 underscores the gravity of the situation and the potential significance of US support for Ukraine.

The portrayal of Russia's current challenges, including economic sanctions, financial isolation, and military strain, suggests a critical juncture in the conflict. The analysis emphasizes the importance of international solidarity, particularly from NATO, the UK, Europe, and the UN, in bolstering Ukraine's position and countering Russian aggression.

The reference to internal dynamics within the US political landscape, with moderate Republicans prevailing over extremists, highlights the role of bipartisan cooperation in shaping foreign policy decisions. It reflects a narrative of unity and resolve in defense of democratic values and international norms.

Moreover, the suggestion that the conflict has prompted a reassessment of military capabilities, particularly in the UK, underscores broader implications beyond the immediate crisis. It raises questions about the adequacy of defense preparedness and the need for self-reliance in the face of global security challenges.

Overall, the passage provides a compelling analysis of the Russo-Ukraine conflict and its broader implications for international relations and defense policy.


Kyiv has reportedly demanded currently unused Patriot air-defense systems after NATO committed to stepping up its provisions to Ukraine to protect the country's skies.

"'Patriots' can only be called air-defense systems if they work and save lives rather than standing immobile somewhere in storage bases," the Volodymyr Zelensky said in a post to social media on Sunday. "'Patriots' need to be in Ukrainian hands right now."