HOT? Get Yourself A Free Drink

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Today is Monday, July 11, therefore it is Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven. To commemorate their 84th birthday, the convenience store chain has announced plans to give away millions of free Slurpees to hot, thirsty people at thousands of USA locations in an event officially known as 7-Eleven Day.

One might think that giving away so many free Slurpees would put a dent in 7-Eleven's bottom line, but according to the company, they sell enough Slurpees each year to fill 12 Olympic-sized swimming pools. It sounds like they can afford it.

Headlines 7/11/11

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US DEBT CEILING TALKS CONTINUE. Meeting Scheduled Today on 4 Trillion Talk$.

JET BLUE FINDS STUN GUN. What Happened to Airport Security.

SPACE SHUTTLE DANGER. Astronauts in Harms Way.


NYC HEAT ADVISORY IN EFFECT. Humidity Will Continue Until Tomorrow.

TODAY IS WORLD POPULATION DAY. East Africa Somalia Humanitarian Crisis.


RESTAURANT WEEK IN NYC. Over 300 Restaurants Participating.

US GASOLINE PRICES FALL SLIGHTLY. Don't Expect Additional Drops.

Nearly 5.5 Million Americans Have Alzheimer's Disease

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Nearly 5.5 million Americans have Alzheimer's disease, with an equal amount suffering mild, or early stages of this malady. The latest update in 30 years defines patients as being 65 and older, but evidence suggests that signs of this disease, which robs memory may start in the brain five to ten years before it is detected.

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Alzheimer's Disease Research Center say that several biomarkers have been identified, but they are not ready for clinical usage as of yet pointing to a lack of standardization about how the tests are performed.


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Bronx SalsaFest ends today with a Latin music concert featuring live music at Orchard Beach on Sunday.

Sponsored by the Bronx Tourism Council and funded in part by the NYC & Company Foundation.

For more information, visit - Call the Tourism Council at (718) 590-3527.

Bronx Write Bus

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The Bronx Council on the Arts has launched a new program for aspiring young writers.

On Tuesday, Bronx Write Bus Free Summer Youth Program will ride to art and cultural events across NYC.

During this journey, a writer or performer will introduce the youngsters to various writing forms - including humor, memoir, travel writing and poetry.

The program is designed for kids ages 12-18. For more information, (718) 931-9500, Ext. 21.

Headlines 7/10/11

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Today's Washington Political Chicken is No Game. The outcome could have a serious global impact.

Derek Jeter Blasts Into Baseball History. The shortstop captain is the only Yankee to hit 3K.

NYPD is searching for a Sex Offender who has attacked on Co-op City's Foot-bridge.

Work Continues for Space Shuttle Astronauts. To hook up with international space station.

News of The World Published It's Final Issue.

Enjoy this sunny weather while you can.

Citizen Journalists Wanted For The Next Big Story

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City Island Images offers money for tips, stories, pictures and videos.

Please, get in touch and tell us your story now.

Email us at


Cash...we pay for stories...we pay for news tips. How much is my story worth?

A major exclusive used on the front page could be worth money and a smaller item would be worth less. Essentially, the bigger the name, the bigger the story, the bigger the offer.

What happens next?

Time Runs Out - The End For News of The World

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After rushing back to UK, media magnate Rupert Murdoch made good on his decision to fold the 168-year-old newspaper as of today.

This probably means that he realized he had to take a decisive step to accept the responsibility for the newspaper that he owns, but its is certainly a bleak day for journalism and a black eye for tabloids.

This marks the end of the line for one of Europe's most popular newspapers.

The newspaper's last issue said - On this historic day, after 8,674 editions we'll miss YOU, our 7.5 million readers.

Jaws Drop For Jeter

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Derek Jeter was mobbed by teammates at home plate. This great scene occured this afternoon at Yankee Stadium. DJ now becomes the 28th player in baseball history to reach 3 thousand hits.

It came with a home run in the third inning right here in The Bronx at Yankee Stadium. The Bronx bombers were playing Tampa Bay Rays and the pitch was hurdled by David Price.

Derek Jeter becomes the first and only player in the history of The NY Yankees to reach this hallowed number.

Holy Cow, DJ... KUDOS... You are truly a Bronx Bomber!