Sunshine Democracy


Democracy in Florida is not functioning. Florida Governor’s rigged maps rob black resgistered voters of power.

The Florida population growth may temper earnings and income growth, but a stagnant population is a worse alternative.

A recent population estimate shows that many Florida cities and the sunshine state as a whole do not have to worry about slow population growth yet, and that’s good news for residents of the state.


Digital Democracy

Democracy is collective decision-making among the participants in a decision-making process. 

Former US President Barack Obama said “people are dying” due to disinformation on social media, pointing to the COVID-19 pandemic, as he delivered remarks at Stanford University on the threats posed by disinformation.

French Fight


Putin puppet Marine Le Pen and French President Emanuel Macron face off once again in their final presidential election.

Unlikely to win the presidential election but within a potential surprise, Marine Le Pen is the new French normal. If Emmanuel Macron is victorious he faces a fractured nation, where his support is French fried.

Earth Days 2022


City Images will not celebrate this Earth Day, but we will meditate and reflect on what 🌏  earthlings have done to our planet.

This #EarthDay 🌎 we invite you to read- We think that it is extremely important to get recharged and inspired. Do you agree that the beauty of our planet is truly a unique blessing?

Mickey Has No Clothes


The Mouse has been stripped naked. Florida revokes Disney World’s special status, for criticism of the “Don’t Say Gay” law.

Disney's special district pays for its own services, so removing this status means Florida residents will see a higher tax bill. The district also has over $1 billion in debt, which the state would be on the hook for. Florida will go broke thanks to #MoRon.



Do Dark #MAGA and Darker #MOSCOW movements pose the same clear and present dangers to global Democracy in the free world? 

Some #Republican and #Russian insiders share a common fear that #Putin and #Trump could be near to turning towards an increased path of destruction. 

They believe that when faced with failure in their campaign of terror and hate they will continue their destruction if they can’t have it all. Should both of them be stopped now before their evil actions continue to threaten the free world? Does Democracy destroy Autocracy and stops the GOP and the KGB?

4/20 DAY


Today is 4/20 and the day stoners, everywhere on earth celebrate their favorite herb. They call it Mary Jane or Maria Juana.

It was nearly twenty years ago this day that it was considered an evil weed, but over time and in the past decade, nearly 20 states across the USA plus the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for recreational use.

4/20 is a date that both marijuana smokers and non-smokers recognize as a national holiday for cannabis culture. Yet few actually know how the date got chosen.

Say No To Rubio


A former Speaker of the Florida House, Republican Marco Rubio boasted a son-of-immigrants story that rivaled GOP Senator Ted Cruz.

US Senator Rubio, FL, like Cruz, TX commanded a great deal of respect from conservative activists. But that was then and this is now. The Hispanic population of these two states alone is: Texas at 9.794.0003 Florida at 4.354.000

Rubio is up for re-election and appears to be getting desperate with his campaign emails.