Ménage à Trois

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I have long been a proponent of threesomes, orgies, whatever you want to call it. Its just an exciting, intimate experience. Unlike the gentlemen in the study, I dont not have sessions with other men, just several women. The girls find it empowering to have other women there and have one man pleasuring and worshiping them.

I've been doing it since I was a teenager. My first multiperson experience was in highschool. My step sister was a year younger than me and one night she had a slumber party with about four of her friends. Our parents went to a concert that night and stayed at my aunt and uncles house. Back at our house, around 9:00, the girls were aggressive toward me and stripped me naked. They were being adventurous, trying to be bad but I enjoyed it. So i responded by pulling off their clothes, even my step sister's. We played a dirty spin the bottle game and had so much fun. Even though you can call that instance an orgie, Ive been into threesomes ever since. If you ask me, freedom to have wild sex is what makes this country great, not freedom to protest.

Two is company and three is a crowd... Is it a saying used to suggest that it is better to be in a group of only two people than to have a third person with you as well? It is used when two people are relaxed and enjoying each other's company but another person would make them feel less comfortable.

But do not tell Ryan Scoats, who earned undergraduate and masters degrees and is involved in penetrating research at the University of Bath, researching masculinities under Professor Eric Anderson.

The Bible includes examples of ménages à trois relationships. One has to look no further than King James version. The Book of Genesis introduces Lamech, who was a descendant of Cain and shared a ménages à trois relationship with Adah and Zillah—Genesis 4:19–24

While studying lovers triangles for his Ph.D. degree at the University of Winchester, he also lectures and on threesomes and their experiences. The horny academic researcher studies masculinities, cultures, sexualities, and consensual nonmonogamy.

He's now the top of his class, the talk of the Internet and is sharing his findings. According to the 10 men who said they had a threesome, seven claimed they had been in at least one female-female-male (FFM) threesome. Five of the men revealed they had been in at least one male-male-female (MMF) threesome. Two of the 10 men said they had experienced both.

WOMEN ARE STILL RELUCTANT TO HAVE MMF THREESOMES While men appear to be more open to the idea of MMF threesomes, Scoats found in a separate study that women remain reluctant to join in for a number of reasons.

“Women are generally more reluctant to engage in MMF threesomes than men, maybe because they find it intimidating or objectifying,” The fix? Ensuring the men are willing to sexually engage with one another during the ménage à trois.

“When it's suggested the males will be interacting sexually, this can be anxiety-reducing because they appear less like an object,” Scoats added.

Whatever your situation, arrangement, or preference, it’s really all about letting go of societal stigma, pressure, and preconceived notions, according to Scoats. Just make sure to have an open conversation with your menage-mates about who is comfortable with putting what where, and how you’ll all engage safely.

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