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You Rock!

#CityImages is Awesome the truth is that a word like “AWESOME” means this platform is fine, great, and it is very cool.

As a young immigrant and now a US Citizen, I realized that my stretched mind causes the spiritual fire inside, which allows me to embrace new hopes and aspirations. It has motivated me to become involved with startups and turnaround projects all over this great nation, in several languages.

The strategy that works best for me is work, devotion, and commitment, which are contagious, and that failure is never an option. My eclectic projects vary from commercial to governmental, to academic and non-profit media.

As a result, I have dedicated the bulk of my career to working for various media-related programs including at Washington Post, Newsweek, NBC, Univision, Telemundo, and VOA, In addition, I've lectured as a distinguished visiting professor at TriState University, ASU, and NYIT. I also hold advanced degrees from public academic institutions.

I believe in multicultural diversity because I have learned that everything improves with representative inclusion over the years. I lead by example, roll up my sleeves, and keep an open mind to new ideas and concepts. I never ask anyone to perform a function I have not previously done. I am a motivational, affiliative coach, a visionary, a servant, and a pacesetter, as well as participative, transactional, and transformational. In accomplishing these goals, I practice an open-door policy and by working to balance all professional goals with our relationships. Everyone's ideas are essential.


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