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According to the International Rescue Committee, more than 82 million people across the world have been forced to flee their homes due to conflict and other disasters.

#IRC staff goes where they are needed, regardless of public attention. They’ll never stop fighting for the rights of people caught in crisis—and they hope you won’t either.

Meanwhile, over half of Ukraine’s children were displaced after one month of the Russian invasion and Putin's war on Ukrainians. Over 3 million people, mostly children, and women, have fled Ukraine since late February. #UNICEF is on the ground, both inside Ukraine and at the borders, trucking safe water and delivering health, hygiene, and emergency education supplies as close as possible to children and families in need.…

The ongoing violence has created a child rights global crisis

All people have the right to stability.

All people have the right to safety.

All people have the right to control their own lives.

I know because as a young child, I was forced to leave my homeland as a political refugee fleeing from Communism.

Five ways ‘Encanto’ celebrates refugees

In addition to a representation of Latino/Hispanic cultures, Encanto has sparked positive conversations about refugees and others displaced…