Black History Month

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Black History Month is well underway with historic events, including and not limited to entertainment and sports.


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President Joe Biden took aim at the former guy for increasing the federal deficit, which he’s cutting during his Whitehouse watch.

“For the last two years, my administration has cut the deficit by more than $1.7 trillion, the largest deficit reduction in American history,” POTUS said while hitting a home run with the bases loaded.

Celia Cruz Quater

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Cuban singer songwriter and superstar celebrity Celia Cruz makes history as first Afro Latina visage to appear on the US quarter.

Cruz died in 2003, and was selected by the United States Mint to be one of the five honorees in the 2024 American Women Quarters Program.

The U.S. Mint has selected Celia Cruz as one of the honorees for the 2024 American Women Quarters Program. The “Queen of Salsa” will become the first Afro-Latina to appear on a U.S. quarter. 

Acts of Kindness

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Brother Moon and his colleagues at AMIGOS UNIDOS regularly distribute needed supplies and food to the less fortunate among us.

This homeless man's smile and gratitude represent someone's special dedication. Lee took the time and effort to get this bicycle ready. This gentleman has been waiting for it to get to work and AMIGOS found him.

US - Ugly Stupid?

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The Ugly American was a popular 50s political novel that depicted the failures of the U.S. diplomatic corps in Southeast Asia.

This book caused a sensation and had major political implications. Now comes the question that begs to be asked are we seen as not only ugly but also stupid?

Thousands Dead in Turkey and Syria

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A powerful earthquake hit southern Turkey and northern Syria on Monday, killing tenths of thousands and injuring many more.

Two enormous cracks in Earth's crust reportedly opened near the Turkish-Syrian border after two powerful earthquakes shook the region on Monday (Feb. 6), so far killing over 37,000 people.

This are sits on the Anatolian plate, one of several “microplates” below the eastern Mediterranean. As a result, its region is unusually seismically active.

Cancel Culture

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Could we say that Jesus Christ, the son of God would have reportedly been the first Christian victim of global cancel culture?


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President Joe Biden held his own despite heckling from Congressional lowlifes who attempted to disrupt his second SOTU. 

Heckles, and moving moments: POTUS Grand Slam


GOP response to POTUS SOTU decline of civility

The response from many Republican lawmakers to President Biden's State of the Union address on Tuesday marked a new low for civility in politics in the United States.